Ventricle started with the idea of providing tools for Physicians, Groups and Hospitals to offer actionable information to support decision making. The key idea was to let the computer do what it does best, fast analysis of large amounts of data, to provide results and measures to service the decision making of the healthcare professionals.
We started with Physician information systems, bringing together information from disparate systems throughout the physicians experience into information portals for their analysis and informed decision making.
We expanded into Hospital information portals to create aggregations of data not readily available to the hospital operational staff to support improvements in contract negotiations, quality measures, and financial performance.
We have developed a wide range of experience in Laboratory, Pharmacy, Claims, Enrollment, Referrals, Contract network management and quality measures to enable us to build outstanding systems for our clients.
Today the PDS system is a primer example of an analytic solution focused on providing improvements in hospital financial, quality and efficiency standards to improve hospital, physician, and patient outcome.