Hospital Associations

Hospital Association of Southern California

We designed, developed, deployed, maintain and operate a key application for the Hospital Association of Southern California. This application, called PDS is a tool for revenue benchmarking and market analysis for Hospitals.

At you can review and learn about this important tool developed for the Hospital Association of Southern California and now in deployment in over six states throughout the nation.
Ventricle Software Systems, has worked from prototype to operations for PDS. We have developed five major releases of the PDS system, each time dramatically expanding on the capabilities and quality of data presentation.
Ventricle Software Systems is responsible for all Application and Database design and development for PDS. The application is built around the Ventricle Software Framework for rapid deployment. The Framework is a core repeatable element in the Ventricle toolbox for Healthcare
Ventricle Software Systems also provides full operational support of the PDS system. Managing and maintaining the database, backup, user access, web servers, security and file loading process.
We are proud to report that PDS has only been offline less than 48 hours in the last 2 years, for a 99% up-time rating.


Scott Twomey - President of AllHealth
(213) 538-0756

Jim Barber - President of HASC
(213) 538 - 0706
515 South Figueroa Street Suite 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90017