Professional Data Systems - PDS

Ventricle Software is responsible for the design, development, deployment, operational support, and maintenance of the PDS Hospital Contracts revenue analytical system.

The goal for PDS was to provide the hospital community a rich set of data to enable improvements to strategic planning, implementation, measurement and oversight. The PDS system is rapidly becoming the gold standard in providing hospitals with HIPAA compliant, Anti-trust compliant, Government regulation compliant competitive comparative tools. PDS is currently deployed throughout California and Arkansas, and will soon be deployed in many other states in the nation. Through a tight working relationship between PDS and Ventricle Software Systems, a system has been developed with rapid enhancements and tremendous operational reliability. We currently have over 80 Million visit records and are growing daily.


Max Brown PHD - President PDS
"The improvements you have made to the system are VERY impressive, you have done an extraordinary job of optimizing the technology. I was very concerned at the outset about how long it was taking to load these data sets, and you have essentially eliminated that as an obstacle. Selecting Ventricle to handle our data system and development was absolutely the best thing PDS could have done with our idea." - Max Brown