Independent Practitioner Associations

Extending the successful Group Physicians Information Portal to the over 3000K contracted providers in the IPA networks.

Alliance IPA, Unified IPA, Physicians Associates IPA

The Ventricle Information Portal for IPA was initially designed and deployed for an IPA aggregator in Souther California, HealthCare Partners IPA
This network of paractitioners needed a solution to integrate and share patient data and operational best practices across the multiple IPA networks that were part of the HealthCare Partners IPA community. The IPA was challanged to improve and optimize the quality of care through measurable improvement in California Pay for Performance measures and to optimize the patient visit to improve the accuracy of the Hirearical Condition Coding for patients with chronic or complex conditions.
Further the network needed a way to control access to patient information for referrals and primary care physicians throughout the network. Because of the diversity of EMR solutions used throughout the network, a tool to allow common view of patients and conditions was needed.
The Information Portal was developed to address all of these issues.
The Physicians Information Portal represented a dramatic improvement for the operations and communications of this geographically dispursed IPA network. group. With the development of the protal they ware able to continue to outdistance their competition in quality of care provided to their patients. With the ability of the portal to be used by all physicians in the group and the proper management of patients in regions, sites, and care teams, they have a single integrated system that supports over 200,000 group patients. They continue to be one of the leaders in the state in Pay for Performance measurements, and expect to be able to maintain their leadership position. They also expect tha this system shuld help them to provide an excellent level of care and continued profitable operations.
The web based solution allowed network providers to get access to patients and provide feedback and guidance for other participating physicians in the network, creating a living web of providers centered around the patient.