Architectural Approach

At Ventricle Software we approach all projects with an architecture first paradigm. We build solutions from the ground up utilizing our Development Framework for rapid application development.

Rapid Application Development Methodology

We practice Rapid Application Development, all solutions are framed, tested, integrated, validated before being fully flushed out to ensure efficient code design and integration. Solutions Frames are reviewed with customers to enhance the development and requirements process.

Robust Cloud Design

All solutions are deployable in private server or private cloud infrastructures and are public cloud ready.

Data Centric Design

By designing around the database as the core, solutions are extensible and replicable. Our solutions range from Megabytes of information to Terabytes in efficient relational designs.

Mobile by Design

Our solutions are designed to be deployed through desktop browsers and touch active devices, including tablets and phones.
Portals are based on the latest tools from Microsoft and Partners
We have experience with all versions of Microsoft SQL
We have deployed solutions utilizing Microsoft SharePoint and custom web part development.
We have deployed to IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.